Denturist Association of Manitoba

Complaints Process

Important information regarding the complaints process.
  • The Complaints Committee can only investigate complaints which have been forwarded in writing to the Denturist Association of Manitoba stating the nature of the complaint, the name of the practitioner, the name of the complainant, and relevant details as to the facts of the case.

  • Upon receipt of a written complaint, the Denturist Association of Manitoba will acknowledge same in writing to the complainant and the practitioner.

  • The practitioner is requested to make an attempt to resolve the complaint. The practitioner is given two to three weeks to act upon the complaint.

  • If the problem is not then resolved between practitioner and complainant, the Chair of the Complaints Committee will communicate with both parties to review the facts in the case and encourage resolution of the problem.

  • In the event an examination of dentures and oral condition is necessary, the Complaints Committee will make an appointment for the complainant to appear with the dentures in question. When possible, the complainant will receive a minimum of 10 days notice of examination.

  • The examination procedure will take approximately ½ to 1 hour, and will take place in a private denture clinic reserved for the examination. The examining committee is comprised of three denturists (appointed by the Denturist Association of Manitoba) and one Board-appointed layperson (Public Representative) who is requested to be in attendance. Each of the denturists will examine the denture, the oral condition, and function and movement of the dentures intra-orally. The layperson will only observe the examination.

  • After the committee has completed its examination, the complainant will be excused and the committee will adjourn to review and discuss the case and reach a consensus on resolution.

  • After its deliberations and reaching a consensus, the Chair of the Complaints Committee will advise the complainant and practitioner in writing as to the decision of the committee. This communication generally will be mailed within two weeks of the examination.

  • Because several steps are involved to attempt resolution of a case to the satisfaction of all parties, the complaints process will be undertaken in due course.

  • In the event of an appeal of the decision of the Complaints Committee the complainant may refer the matter to the Denturist Board of Manitoba, in writing, or to Courts of Queens Bench.

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The Denturist Association of Manitoba is a member of the Denturist Association of Canada, and the International Federation of Denturists. Our mission is to move the profession of Denturism forward through education, member support and by promoting the profession to the public.

Denturist Association of Manitoba
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Phone: (204) 897-1087
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